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Dr. Bob & Sue Woodruff

BIO - Dr. & Mrs. Robert Woodruff

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Woodruff have been long-term global missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene, having served all World Mission regions as World Mission education coordinators, thus being involved in all areas outside North America and then later Global Education Coordinators which included, literally, all continents of the world. They have also been involved in both medical and educational missions over a period spanning 38 years.

Dr. Woodruff received the B.S. degree from George Fox College in Newberg, Oregon. He received the M.Div. and D.Min. degrees from Western Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He received the Ph.D. degree from Griffith University’s Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (Brisbane). Susan received the R.N. degree from the Royal Brisbane Hospital and her midwifery certificate from the Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

Bob and Sue met during Bob’s first overseas experience as a high school teacher in Sydney in 1971. Susan began her mission career in the Kudjip Hospital (PNG) in 1972. The Woodruffs married in 1973, at which time they joined forces in Papua New Guinea where Bob taught at the Nazarene Bible College and served as hospital chaplain, while Sue continued to serve as a registered nurse and midwife. Since then they have served in various fields in the areas of church and educational leadership. This service has included Papua New Guinea, principal of Australasian Nazarene Theological College; academic dean and interim rector of European Nazarene Bible College; foundational deputy vice-chancellor (academic dean) and interim vice-chancellor, Africa Nazarene University; missionary to the Greeks of Sydney, Australia; field director for Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Woodruff has also worked as educational consultant and as a member of the Academic Staff Development Unit of The Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) as well as a teacher at upper primary, high school and university levels. Dr. and Mrs. Woodruff reside in Western Australia.

The Woodruffs have two daughters, Kristi and Katina, sons-in-law Craig and Michael and granddaughters Isabelle Kate and Ruby Rose.

Bob and Sue currently serve as Directors of The Global Educational Network, a service providing expertise in academic development, teacher training, system evaluation and video conference networking between institutions and campuses. In partnership with The Helstrom Foundation and matching partners, the Woodruffs continue their life-long passion for serving Christ in educational and ministerial missions. Clients for the consultancies include, among others, institutions on the Asia Pacific Region, the International Board of Education for the Church of the Nazarene, and Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City.